Friday, February 21, 2014

Yard Work Pays Off

Just call me, please.

I don't like to communicate via text messages with my boys.  We often miscommunicate and they usually think I'm mad at them.  They tell me that my text messages are too formal, and using complete sentences with caps and punctuation means something is up.  I didn't realize that was the case.  Did you?

Anyway, here's an example of a typical text exchange gone bad:

Me:  I'll pick you up at 10.  Be ready.
Connor:  wats up?
Me:  I'll be there at 10.
Connor:  sure???
Me:  Yeah, I'll be there.
Connor:  are u sure ur ok?
Me:  Yes, why?
Connor:  u seem mad
Me:  Okay.  See you at 10.

Then we have the text exchanges where it's clear your kids are not paying attention to what you are saying.  For example:

Me:  Yard work pays off.  (I meant to say "Hard work pays off.")
Taylor:  yea
Me:  God lick.  (I meant to say "Good luck.")
Taylor:  u2
Me:  Okay, talk to you later.
Taylor:  good luck with the yard

Hmmm, what about the God licking?

I really believe we would all communicate so much better if we just picked up the telephone and talked to each other instead of lobbing text messages back and forth.  I feel that way about emails too.

However, I do think sending pictures of the dogs with clever texts to the boys is still a good idea.  It's just all of the text messaging I could do without, because I like to hear my boys' sweet voices.

And, it is true that Yard Work Pays Off.

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