Monday, February 10, 2014

Half Full or Half Empty?

It depends on your outlook.
I'm not sure how I've avoided this civic duty for 53 years, but I have jury duty today.  Jury duty will require moving around some of my normally scheduled activities, but I am choosing to look at jury duty as a "glass half full" situation since I am certain I will get lots of good stuff for the blog.

My brother-in-law is the ultimate "glass half full" guy.  He owns his own business, has five children, his wife works two 12-hour shifts a week as a nurse, and he always sees the upside of any situation.  He's the guy who shows up two hours late for a dinner reservation and says with a smile, "Hi, Lloyd, reservation for 7 people.  We're here."  It does not occur to him that a table will not be available.  He'll just nod and say, "Go ahead and check.  We'll wait."  He's also the guy who goes to every home Villanova basketball game with more people than tickets and somehow it all works out.

Honestly, I would crawl under the bed if I had some of his days, but he absolutely does not ever let any situation get him down or dim his enthusiasm.

Lloyd reminds me of my son Taylor, who travels through life with "hope" as a strategy.  Unfortunately for us, things usually work out for him so we have few teaching moments.  Uncle Lloyd and Taylor abandon all concept of time in their pursuit of the next adventure.  They really believe that there is time in the day for everything to be accomplished and there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.

For example, on a typical Saturday at the shore, Taylor will suggest at 3 in the afternoon, "Let's do 18 holes of golf, and then let's go fishing, and then out to dinner, and then maybe check out a band."  And, Lloyd will chime in, "Yeah, and how about some mini golf and then we'll head over to Ocean City to go to Mack and Manco Pizza and the rides."

And, they actually believe it's possible to do all of those things!  Tom and I describe Uncle Lloyd and Taylor as the "Party Never Ends" people.  They are exhausting!

It's actually not a bad thing to have people in your life who push you to make the most of every day even if they are exhausting to be around.  So, thank you Uncle Lloyd and Taylor.

Half Full or Half Empty?  I'm going with Half Full.

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