Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Do We Embarrass Our Kids?

That's a serious question.

Honestly, I don't even know when I'm doing it, and I am constantly surprised when I learn something I've said or done has embarrassed my kids.
Some examples:
  • Saying hello to a stranger while walking the dogs.
  • Asking a waiter their opinion about an entree.
  • Complaining about anything to any service provider.  
  • Singing.
  • Saying more than "hello" to their friends.
  • Making a fuss about a baby, or worse twins.
  • Asking someone if I can pet their dog.
The list is endless, and as you can see I am a complete embarrassment to be around.

Now, had I known that everything I would say would become so offensive and embarrassing to my kids I would have kept a better record of all of the times my kids embarrassed me.  

I'll use the generic "you" as not to embarrass my darling boys, but here are a few of the moments I consider legitimately embarrassing.

When the family was dining at an expensive restaurant in Maui and "you" burst out laughing when our bald waiter introduced himself to us.  Apparently, your father and I did not notice that the nice gentleman serving us had one ear that was the size of a lima bean.  We did not enjoy one minute of that lovely dinner because it was not enough that "you" laughed when the waiter first approached our table, but "you" laughed every time he returned.  At least one of "you" was old enough to know better.

How about the time when we were in a crowded elevator at a Disney World hotel and "you" pointed to a stranger and asked in a loud voice, "What is that on his face?"  The "that" was a very large mole on the tip of an elderly man's nose, that really should have been addressed by a dermatologist.  In any event, your cousins (boys) burst out laughing and we had to endure the longest elevator ride of our lives.

Then there was the time when I asked the pediatrician what was different about him, thinking he'd lost weight, and "you" said, "It's his beard and mustache they're bushier than usual.  They need to be trimmed."  I'm certain that every immunization the doctor gave to "you" after that comment hurt more than it needed to.

Finally, if we live to be 100 years old and are completely incontinent, Dad and I could never embarrass "you" as much as "you" embarrassed us with your diaper and public bathroom escapades.

I could go on.

Why Do We Embarrass Our Kids?  Because "you" deserve it, and some!

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