Monday, February 3, 2014

What's the Point?

I'm Busy.  I'm a Blogger.

"What's the point?"  "What's the point of your blog?"  That was the question put to me by my son, Connor.

"I don't know."  "Does there need to be a point?"  "I'm having fun."  I responded.

But, the question did get me thinking.  "What's the point?"

Well, one of the reasons for starting the blog was to prove to my boys that other people think I am funny, even though they don't see it.  And, they still don't.  Okay, what else?  I wanted to poke fun at the trials of daily life which I think I've done, but I've also discovered something I did not contemplate with this blog and that is that finding the funny in everyday life is very therapeutic.  I've always had a good sense of humor, but since starting the blog I now view all situations and people through my "funny lens" and often find myself grinning.

The reaction to the blog has been very positive and I've received lots of good feedback.  So, thanks for that.  It seems many of you can relate to the nonsense I write about.  Thanks also to those of you who gave me a laugh by sending along your 5th Grade photos, but sadly my class photo was by far the "most awkward."  And, I like many of the post suggestions that have been sent along.  I can't believe I did not think about all of the opportunities around "Proms."  I submitted my 5th Grade photo, but I'm not brave enough to show the prom pics.  I'll leave that to someone else.

My sister's (I have 3) wonder what Nan (Mom) would have to say about the blog if she were still here.  Here's what I think Nan would say:
  • What's the point? (Connor, after all, is her clone.)
  • I should not spend any time writing the blog if my baseboards are not clean.
  • If I have time to write that blog then I should find the time to iron Connor's school shirts and not buy those no-iron shirts because you know there's no such thing as a "no iron" shirt. 
  • Why are you telling everybody your business?
  • When did you get too good for my Acme Lancaster Brand meats?
  • I didn't raise you to talk about vagina's like that.  That's fresh.  
  • I'm 79 years old and I've never said the F-word.  
  • Don't you write anything about me on that blog. (Sorry, Nan.  It's coming.) 
Despite what would appear to be negative feedback from Nan, I also believe she would have secretly laughed at the blog posts because she too had a good sense of humor.

When I researched how to successfully launch a blog one of the pieces of advice was to initially have a lot of posts so that people become interested in your blog.  So, I've tried to do that, but as a result I've slacked off a little here at home.  The other day Connor complained about a piece of clothing that had lingered in the laundry longer than usual, and I declared, "Sorry, I'll get to it.  I'm busy.  I'm a Blogger!"

I worked for 20 years at a consulting firm in a very demanding role, and when I stopped working 8 years ago my daily life changed dramatically.  Notice I did not say "stopped working outside the home?"  That's because I don't work much inside the home, remember, my Christmas tree is still up.  When I worked, I found work to be "hard" and I found it "hard" to balance work with everything else in my life.  For me, to stay home is not "hard," but some days it can be a little unrewarding and thankless.  Ouch, does that sound bitter?

So, I think the answer to the question "What's the Point?" might be that I've found something that I like to do, that's not "hard," and it's just for me.  My sister's are rolling their eyes right now wondering, "What about the tennis 3 times a week?"  "Who's that for?"  There's nobody like your sister's to call you out!

What's the Point?  Just to laugh, and you are all forewarned that when you are in my company anything you say or do is fodder for the blog.


  1. The point is to have fun and laugh! What's the point of living if we can't have fun and laugh as we go along. Fun and laughter is what life is all about with all the other crap thrown in there too!!

    Oh and how many of can say that our brother once put the dogs rectal thermometer in his mouth in hopes of convincing Mom he was sick and couldn't go to school? I can and once I finished laughing my butt off at him and told him where that thermometer had been, he really WAS SICK!! That's why we blog, otherwise our stories might well be forgotten and gone for good! Keep blogging, it's fun for you and for us too!! :)

  2. OMG. That's gross. It must be our generation of mom's that never let us stay home from school, no matter what. In my house, you maybe could stay home if you vomited, but my mom had to witness it.