Wednesday, February 12, 2014

They Didn't Get That From Me

A few years ago, the boys started a new tradition of ruining family photos.  They will assure me that they won't do anything to screw up the photo, and they appear to be true to their word until the millisecond after I push the button.

This is the "zombie" face.
We have photos from vacations where every photo is ruined by their antics.  In fact, on a weekend trip around the Christmas holiday to New York City the boys appeared to be sleeping in every photo - - - the train ride to the city, lunch, Broadway Show, Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, dinner, the return train ride home, etc.  I could not find those photos, I guess I deleted them because I was so annoyed.

The boys have a variety of faces, and they don't bother to warn the other people in the photo that they are about to "bomb it."

This is the "Oh my God" face.
This is the "sad" face.
This is the "monster" face.
This is the "leave us alone" face.

When I was growing up, whenever I said or did something that displeased my mom, she would say, "You didn't get that from me.  That's from your father's family."  Nice, right?  While I don't believe every negative trait I possess is the fault of my Dad's ancestors, I do believe there are definitely some behaviors that are passed along from our parents.

Apparently, the boys got their photo antics from their Dad, as evidenced in the photo below, where I am blissfully unaware of what's going on.  

This is the "Googly Eyes" face.

Tom does not have a variety of faces like the boys do and pretty much sticks with the "Googly Eyes" face when he wants to ruin a photo.

Teaching his niece the "Googly Eyes" face.

They Didn't Get That From Me.

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