Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When Good People Use Bad Judgement

The assault on the lawn.
I had no idea of the drama unfolding outside on the front lawn this morning until I looked out the window and saw Charlie Brown sitting on the lawn.  If you've been reading the blog then you know enough about Charlie to know he should not be outside unleashed.  Charlie seemed to know this too, as he looked at me when I went outside with a face that said, "I know.  I don't know why nobody has said anything yet!"  After getting Charlie back inside the fenced in patio I went to investigate.

Apparently, Tom's car was stuck on the lawn.  Connor who just got his permit two weeks ago, and has not yet driven, was sitting in the driver's seat of Tom's car.  Tom, dressed in a suit, was crouched in front of his car pushing it and screaming, "Connor, gas it! Gas it!"  Yes, standing directly in front of the car screaming for a child to accelerate.  What's really unbelievable about what Tom was doing is that he has a car that has a "wand" for a gear shift and so you push buttons for the direction you want to go making it easier for a beginner to push "Drive" and not "Reverse."

I removed my son from the situation and went inside to call someone to come tow the car off the lawn.  As I was doing this, Tom got the bright idea to use my car to pull his car out of the mud holes that he had created. The electrical extension cord (below) was used as the tow rope.

Electrical cord used as a tow rope.
Lucky for us, the extension cord was readily available because it was connected to the Santa that was still on the roof.  I won't judge him for that part of the story, as you know I too am slow at taking down the Christmas decorations.  As you might have guessed, as soon as Tom accelerated the electrical cord snapped.

Santa watching the scene unfold.
All is well that ends well.  I sent Tom to work in my car and waited for a tow truck to come pull his car off the lawn so I could drive Connor to school.  With all of that excitement, Connor was only two hours late for school.  He actually could have gotten there sooner, but since he did not want to arrive in the middle of a double period of Latin we went out for bagels.

I've not heard from Tom since this morning's scene, but I imagine he is busy applying his problem solving skills at the office.

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