Saturday, February 1, 2014

Oh How We Love Our Sports Teams

Dallas Sucks!

Too bad we won't be headed to the Meadowlands tomorrow to cheer on our Birds.  Oh well, next year?

There's been a lot of talk about New Jersey being a bad choice for the Super Bowl because of the cold weather, but I don't think the weather matters if your team is in the Big Game.  Poor New Jersey is always getting a bad rap for something, and there have been worse locations for the Super Bowl, unless your team was playing there.

We went to Jacksonville when the Eagles played in the Super Bowl in 2005, and despite it being Florida the weather was not that sunny and warm and Jacksonville did not have much to offer its visitors.  Our hotel accommodations were not great and we could not get a decent meal because there weren't enough nice restaurants to handle the crowds.  In fact, we ate one of our meals at a Waffle House where Chris Rock was also dining, while his limo idled in the parking lot.  Most of our meals were from street vendors, and since I was not as adventurous as the rest of my family I ate a lot of french fries on that trip, and exclaimed at every meal, "I'm going to turn in to a french fry!"  My (jerky) boys to this day, lovingly refer to that as my "french fry joke."

Sounds awful, right?  Wrong.  That trip was one of the best our family has ever taken because we are Eagles' fans and that trip was the ultimate adventure.  Everywhere we looked it was a "Sea of Green," Eagles fans at every turn and it was as though we were in Philadelphia with the number of people we saw from back home.  We were walking along the street and saw a person wearing a t-shirt that read "Sea Isle City Beach Patrol."  It was our seashore neighbor.  We saw my brothers-in-law and their friends, and my nephew who snuck away from college in South Carolina just to be around the excitement.  People from our offices and families with whom my kids went to school were there.  It was crazy.  We did not drive to Florida, but people who did told us that there were hundreds of decorated cars headed south on I-95 full of fans sporting Eagles jerseys, hats, and waving flags.  Many of the people we met did not even have tickets to go to the Game, but they just wanted to be in Jacksonville and hang outside the stadium.

The only problem I see with New Jersey as the location for the Super Bowl is that it's on the other side of the country from the teams who are playing in the Game.  I'm sure there will be lots of fans from both teams at the Game, but many fans will not be able to participate in person because it's just too far away.  There will probably be some fans who drove across the country to be near the fun, but not nearly as many as if the game were being held on the West Coast and the Eagles were playing in it.  We are, after all, the most desperate fan base to win a Super Bowl.

I personally am going cheer for the Broncos because I want Peyton to have the same number of Super Bowl wins as his brother, Eli.  I just feel like it will make family gatherings less stressful for their dad, Mr. Manning.  Plus, I've been taught by my husband that we don't like the Giants.  Actually, I think I'm supposed to hate them, or is that the Cowboys?

Oh How We Love Our Sports Teams.  Happy Super Bowl Sunday.

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