Friday, February 28, 2014

Olympics, Oscars, and Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir going for Silver!
I typically enjoy watching the Olympic Games, summer more than winter, but they both provide good entertainment.  I especially enjoy the personal interest stories and the tributes to the Olympic athletes and their moms.  Moms are pretty special.

I was not thrilled with the Sochi Olympics.  I think all of the controversy before the Games even started turned me off.  Continuing with the "turned off" theme, I could have done without Bob Costas' pink eye episode.  I don't know why he always gets the Olympic gig.  He annoys me, sorry if you are a fan of Bob Costas.  And, why would any TV network subject millions of viewers to a broadcaster with pink soupy eyes?  Ratings?  Thank goodness Matt Lauer was able to swoop in and save the day!?!

I surprise myself every four years with how much I enjoy watching the ice skating competition.  Who knew?  I love the outfits, the interaction between the skaters and their coaches (who seem very scary), and the drama around the scoring, but the only skater who blew me away this year was Johnny Weir.  He reminded me of a younger version of Pee-Wee Herman.  A little bit, right?

I tuned in to the broadcast just to see what Johnny was wearing, and despite looking like a drag queen he was an excellent commentator who really knew his stuff.  (Note: I'm not making a statement about drag queens and I think Johnny probably likes to be called a drag queen.)

Johnny Weir is going to be a fashion commentator at this Sunday's Academy Awards, one of my favorite TV nights of the year.  Yes, I am that person who loves all things celebrity.  It's true.  I do.  I actually buy some of the tabloid newspapers to read on the beach.  My husband just shakes his head when he sees the National Enquirer sticking out of my beach bag, but I don't care.  Some of it's true.  They were right about John Edwards and his love child.  Remember?

What's also interesting about my "rag" papers is that everybody that we sit with on the beach, regardless of gender or education level, reads the trash except my husband.  Too bad for him because he can't participate in our scintillating conversations.  I don't know why he gets so annoyed about my reading junk papers, it's only a summer/beach thing, and it's not like I believed the story about the 3-headed baby I told him about.

This year I am prepared for the Oscars, as I've seen many of the nominated movies.  It was a good year for movies.  My favorite movie was Philomena and I thought Judi Dench was outstanding.  However, she could use a little cosmetic filler around the mouth area.  She's a true professional allowing all of those close up shots.  Spoiler alert: If you went to Catholic school, there's a mean old nun in the movie who might seem familiar.

I did not love American Hustle and don't get all of the Oscar hype around this movie.  Spoiler alert:  Didn't you wonder why nobody ever came after Christian Bale and Amy Adams for the scam they were running?  That storyline did not go anywhere.  I know there's a film term for plot lines that don't ever get tied up, but I don't like that.  I like closure.

I like to be entertained by movies, and for me that means buttered (or whatever comes out of that pump) popcorn, Junior Mints, a bucket of Diet Coke, and not having to figure things out.  I like all issues resolved by the time the credits roll, and although I enjoyed August: Osage County I was left a little hanging at the end of that movie.

I thought Dallas Buyers Club was excellent and Matthew McConaughey, whom I never really thought of as talented, was outstanding.  Does anyone else think he has a big head relative to his body?  I do, sort of like Kelly Ripa.  Anyway, he lost a ton of weight for the role he played and he looked downright scary with his ginormous head.  Jared Leto who played a drag queen in Dallas Buyers Club absolutely deserves an Oscar.  If he did not have that stubble on his face I would have believed he was a woman.  He was that convincing.

Wow, two references to drag queens in one post.  I'm so modern for a 50-something housewife.  You might recall I've already used "vagina" in two earlier posts.

Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Oscars, which seems like a safe choice after last year's hosting debacle with Seth MacFarlane.  I liked Seth as the host, but apparently many people did not care for his edgy humor.  He is the writer of Family Guy, a TV show where every episode ever aired has been totally inappropriate, so it's hard to understand why anyone was surprised by his performance.  I am proud to say that my son has memorized every episode of Family Guy.  He's been very busy at college.

Enjoy the Oscars, and be sure to check out Johnny Weir's red carpet fashion commentary.  And, don't worry if you miss the Oscars because People magazine will publish a recap of all of the highlights from the night including, fashions, acceptance speeches, winners, losers, pre-parties, post-parties, etc.

I love all things celebrity!  I admit it.  Sorry, I'm not an intellectual.  I admit it.

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