Thursday, February 20, 2014

When Nanny was the Sheriff in Town

Nanny with her boys.
Where to begin.

Nanny (my Mom) lived with my family from the time Taylor was a baby until she passed away in 2007.  I worked full-time and Nan was my wife.  She took care of the boys, cleaned the house, food shopped, shuttled the kids to school, cooked, did the wash, made my bed, and bought my husband a bottle of Scotch every year for his birthday.  She was the perfect wife.

Nan made it all possible.

I will need to apologize, on Nanny's behalf, to the women my boys eventually marry because she ruined them.  She peeled the grapes that she packed in their school lunches, she had Wawa slurpees for them when she picked them up at school, she bought any food they requested, and made them any dinner or snack they desired.  She bought them every video game system ever made, and the guy in the video store would call her when any new games came out.  She never missed a school event, gave them presents for every holiday, and cards with money on the first and last days of every school year.

She let them build forts with the seat cushions from her couches.  She delivered drinks and snacks to them when they called her on the phone from the TV room when she was in the kitchen making dinner.  She let them watch cartoons before school while she struggled to get their uniforms on them as they lounged on the couch.

It was the most ridiculous situation and things were worse when they stayed at the shore for the summer because the few rules she had were completely abandoned.  The boys took complete advantage of Nan, and she loved it.  They could do no wrong.  She was the perfect Nanny.

Connor is almost 7 years younger than Taylor, so he spent a lot of time alone with Nan when Taylor was at school and Tom and I were at work.  They adored each other and were inseparable which became a problem when it was time to go to school.

Connor has an August birthday, so I was able to justify pushing off nursery school the first September after he turned three, but the following September is when the real trouble began.  He lasted two days at the first nursery school because as Nan tells it, "That little boy was mean to him.  He can't go back there."  He lasted a week at the next school, same situation, different person.  Finally, I gave in to the co-conspirators and agreed to try school again the following September.  

Connor did not seem to be disadvantaged by Nan's home schooling of soap operas and crime shows.  In fact, I attribute his excellent problem solving skills to all of the detective shows he watched with his Nanny.  Connor was 5 years old and had been to school for a total of 7 days.  An intervention was required.  I told Nan and Connor that the gig was up and if he did not go to school I was going to jail.  I enrolled Connor in a 3-day a week, full day Pre-K program at the same school where Taylor went.

It was a disaster.  Connor cried every day, and although his teacher assured us that he was fine once he was dropped off, Nan doubted that was the case since he was crying every day at pick up too.  This situation created months of tension in our house, as Nan refused to understand "why we were putting him through all this stress when he's fine here with me.  He prefers to stay home with me."  I don't know anybody who would not want to stay home with Nanny on her "comfy couch" and be catered to non-stop, but as I stressed to Nan, "Connor has to go to school.  It's the law."

Despite his slow academic start, Connor is an excellent student and loves school, so maybe Nan was right and all toddlers should watch As The World Turns and Law and Order instead of going to nursery school.

What's so ridiculous about the situation with Connor and school is that Nan never let any of us stay home from school unless we vomited, and she had to witness the actual act of vomiting.  And, even then you were not assured a pass to stay home because "maybe that was all you needed." 

So, sorry in advance to the women my boys eventually marry because When Nanny was the Sheriff in Town she spoiled the boys and thought they were perfect.

Lucky for them.

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  1. Anonymous4:30:00 PM

    They and you and Tom were very lucky, as everyone of us who had the wonderful opportunity of knowing this incredible woman. Would love it if my grandchildren love and remember me they way your boys do Nan. Thanks for sharing her with so many.