Friday, January 17, 2014

Personal Grooming in the Car

We've all seen drivers grooming themselves as they cruise along in their cars, women applying makeup (okay, sometimes men), men shaving with battery-operated razors, hair brushing, etc.  Well today I saw something new.  At a red light, the woman in the car in front of me was brushing her teeth, aggressively.  I watched her wondering, what next?  I then saw her take a drink from a water bottle, and again thought, what next?  She then opened up her car door and answered my question with a big old spit.  Gross.  At the next red light she started the process all over again.

Unfortunately, she turned at the next street so I was unable to ride up along side of her car to try and get a good look at her teeth, which I hope were pretty since she totally grossed me out first thing this morning.

Please do not mistake me for a prude when it comes to personal grooming in the car.  There is nothing better than pulling down the visor, sliding open the mirror, tilting your chin up, checking out your nose (inside), turning your face from left to right, shifting closer to the mirror to get a look at your teeth, and then sliding the mirror shut and flipping the visor back up.

What?  You are not going to pretend that you don't engage in this activity every opportunity you get while in the car.  It's even better when you are a passenger, with a supply of tools in your handbag, and are free to do your own Personal Grooming in the Car!

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  1. I actually rolled down my window to tell the lady that was plucking her eyebrows that she left out the hairs in her noise! Belmont Avenue by Fairmont Park...during rush hour traffic. Yes, I did it!