Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Newel, Ewer and Orr: Keeping Your Marriage Spicy!

Keep your copy by the bed.

If you are a crossword puzzle person, like me, you probably recognize the words in the title of this post as the answers to clues commonly found in crossword puzzles.  If you are not a crossword puzzle person, like my husband, then these words might be new to you.

On our recent flight home from vacation I brought out my New York Times Crossword Puzzle book and asked Tom if he wanted to do a puzzle with me.  I don't generally like to do puzzles with Tom because he likes to go through all of the Across clues before he looks at the Down clues while I like to do all of the clues around each new answer I enter.  He also insists on holding the pen and writing in the answers which completely annoys me.  Whatever, it's good to do things together, right?

As we moved through the puzzle I dazzled my husband with my smarts.

Tom:  Stair post.  5 letters.  Hmmm.
Patti:   Newel.
Tom:  Wow.  Are you sure?  How do you spell it?
Patti:  N-E-W-E-L.  Try it.
Tom:  Okay, that works.  Let's see, what's next?  Large Jug.  4 letters.  Hmmm.
Patti:   Ewer.  E-W-E-R.
Tom:  How do you know this stuff?  I'm impressed.
Patti:  No big deal.
Tom:  Next.  Hockey legend Bobby.  3 letters.  I know this one.  Clarke.
Patti:  I thought you said 3 letters.  Does Orr work?
Tom:  Wow, your really smart!
Patti:  Thanks, honey.

Ladies, brains gets the guy every time, so get yourself a copy of a New York Times Crossword Puzzle book today and see what a difference it makes in your marriage.  And, until you become a seasoned puzzler, like me, do not hesitate to look in the back of the book at the answer key.

Who would have thunk it?  New York Times Crossword Puzzle books Keeping Your Marriage Spicy.

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  1. I love crossword puzzles, but haven't seen this book. Will have to get it! :)