Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Kitchen is Not Your Office

That's the Face!

With the bad weather of late Tom has been around the house more than usual, and when he decided to work from home yesterday I don't know why I envisioned a cozy day sipping hot chocolate and watching movies in the TV room.  When Tom says he's working from home, he works, and despite living in a house with a room called "the office" he worked in "my kitchen" all day.  I could only run the water and the microwave when he was between calls and I had to keep the dogs quiet, which is impossible.  I kept forgetting about the "no talking in the kitchen" rule and would walk towards the kitchen talking to the dogs in a high-pitched voice only to be greeted by Tom glaring at me (see above photo).  Come on, really?  Go clean your car off and go to the office.

When the boys were little and asked Tom what he did for a job he would keep it simple and just say, "I talk on the phone and get mad."  While he may have intended that answer for a young audience, I have to say my observation is that that's what he actually does do for a living.  He was on the phone, with a few short breaks, for about 8 continuous hours and towards the end of the "normal" work day when the calls slowed down the banging on the laptop commenced.  Seemed to me like an awful way to spend the day, but I am eternally grateful that he actually appeared to be enjoying himself.

Another observation I made after listening to "work talk" all day is that despite being out of the workforce since 2006 "Action Plan" is still a super popular word.

Now if Tom were writing this blog he might make a few observations about how I spend my days.  That would be unfair, as the new blog and the snow have really impacted my productivity.  Just saying, I'm usually soooooo much busier!

I don't think I'll encourage Tom to work from home when the next storm blows in because he doesn't get that My Kitchen is Not Your Office.

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