Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Have a Medium

My husband often complains that the popular media portrays men as buffoons (his word), that TV shows present the father as a person who gets no respect from his wife and kids, and is just a dope.  While I certainly do not feel that way about my husband there are times when, well, he earns the right to be the butt of a family joke.

Tom, Connor and I went to check out the new yogurt store that opened near our home.  It's one of those places where you get a container and serve yourself the yogurt and toppings that you desire, your purchase is then weighed to determine what you are charged.  Connor and I love all things ice cream and yogurt, but Tom would normally prefer pizza or potato chips as a treat, so Connor and I were both surprised when he chose a Medium container.  As he made his way through the line he added several flavors of yogurt to his container and then piled on several different toppings.  We were really confused until he got to the checkout.

I should let you know that "cheap" is not how anyone would ever describe Tom, but he is weirdly stingy with certain things.  For example, when Connor was a little boy he accidentally threw out a few dollars in change at an Eagles game.  Yes, I'm sorry to say, Tom actually found the couple of dollars in a trash can, a trash can at the Eagles game.  Have you ever been to an Eagles game?  I digress.

Anyway, holding his ginormous (gigantic and enormous) yogurt concoction, Tom informed the cashier, "I have a medium."  It was at that moment that Connor and I understood Tom's new found love of yogurt and assorted toppings.  The cashier placed his yogurt on the scale and announced to him, "That will be $10.50."

So, sorry Tom, but sometimes the men in our lives deserve the ribbing they receive from the people who love them the most.  As you can imagine, "I have a medium" has become a staple in our home when we want to mock Dad.  "I have a medium" has only been topped by "Is that all the pasta?"  That's a post for another day!

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