Thursday, January 16, 2014

Does Anyone in this House Have any Common Sense?

Brussel Sprouts are Dangerous.
That is the question put to me last night by my 16-year old son, Connor.  So, what prompted this snarky question?

Last week, I sliced my finger while chopping brussel sprouts (for the lovely boy who asked me if I had any common sense) and spent 4 hours in the local ER before leaving with 7 stitches and a promise to return in a week to have them removed.  Well, yesterday was 7 days since the accident and at 10 p.m. I had not yet made my way back to the ER, so I decided to take out my own stitches.

Now this is a job my husband, Tom, would normally enjoy, but since he was out of town it was up to me.  Did I mention I am terrible with all things medical?  Armed with really good scissors, that I took out of my husband's underwear drawer (yes, I know his hiding spots), I attempted to take out the first stitch.  Well, I'm a freak about this stuff and could not do it.

Enter Connor.  "Mom, I'm not taking out your stitches.  Put the scissors away and put the band aid back on."  "Come on, Connor, please help me.  Just cut the knots off."  Guess what happens when you cut the knots off of stitches?  The rest of the stitch is under your skin.

So, I need to find my way to the ER today and explain the situation to a doctor who will probably be overworked and completely annoyed with my stupidity.  Or, maybe I'll wait for my husband, the banker, to come home tonight and see what he can do with his secret scissors and tweezers.

That's what prompted my son's sweeping indictment....Does anyone in this house have any common sense?  I wonder what else I'm doing that demonstrates my total lack of common sense?  I'll let you know.

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