Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where's "the" Charger?

I don't know, but that's "my" charger!
I hear that question countless times during the day.  Sometimes it's the phone charger, other times it's the iPad, or laptop chargers.  My kids are not necessarily looking for their charger, any charger will do, and it's usually mine.

When I get any new device I promptly write my name in permanent marker on all of its accessories and anything that can be plugged in.  Of course, the boys think I'm ridiculous for doing this, but I can't begin to describe to you the joy I experience every time they try to convince me they don't have my charger and my name is written all over it.  Hee. Hee.

I charge my electronics at home, always in the same spot, when I am sleeping.  When I wake up my devices are ready for the day.  It seems so simple to me, yet my boys have not landed on a similar system, or any system for that matter.

Instead, they are always moving their charger around the house and taking it with them when they leave the house.  Then when they need their charger they can't find it.  They can't remember where they plugged it in, or they left it someplace, or someone "borrowed" it at school.  That's when they come looking for my stuff because they always know where to find it.

Where's the Charger?  I don't know, but that one's mine.  See there's my name?

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