Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Yummy….Oreo Blizzard.
This weekend we went to the drive-thru at our local Dairy Queen.  Connor ordered his usual "large Oreo blizzard" and Tom and I passed.  Tom wanted the "chili cheese dog combo," but I discouraged him with my "seriously Tom?" face.

We pulled up to the window to pay and the following conversation took place:

DQ Lady:  Hi, I didn't know that was you.  I didn't recognize the car.  Welcome back.

Me:  Hi there.  This is my husband Tom.  It's his car.  When did you open for the season?

DQ Lady:  We opened last week.  Is that Connor in the back?  Hey Connor, here's your usual.  I guess you gave up ice cream for Lent again?

Me:  Yeah I did.  How was your winter?  Did you go to Florida?  How are the dogs?

DQ Lady:  We went to Florida for most of the winter, and the dogs are good.  How's Charlie?  Still anxious?

Me:  Of course.  Okay, we'll see you soon.


Me:  What was what?

Tom:  Why is the DQ Lady your best friend?

Me:  I just know her from coming here.

Tom:  How often do you come here?

Me:  I don't know.  We only come here in the spring.

Tom:  Okay, but it seems like you know her really well.  How often do you two come here?

Me:  I don't know, maybe a couple times a week.

Tom:  Really, how many?

Me:  Most days after school.

Tom:  I thought Connor was lactose intolerant.

Me:  He is.  We go straight home.


Tom to self:  Wow, what goes on when I'm not around?

Connor to self:  I hope Dad doesn't ruin a good thing.

Me to self:  Drive-thru at Dairy Queen?  Really?  If that's my biggest shenanigan during the day, I'd say that's pretty good!  He obviously did not watch the Today Show special about the Moms who drink during the day, which I have to believe is more interesting than a vanilla twist cone with sprinkles.  Okay, they are rainbow sprinkles!

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