Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Big Reveal

It's a Boy!

I have two nieces, both of whom are expecting babies, who staged "reveal" events to let people know the gender of their unborn babies.

One niece used pink and blue balloons for the big announcement, and the other had a cake that when sliced revealed blue icing to announce, "It's a Boy!"

I love to make everything special and to celebrate, so I think this new trend is fun.  However, I can't help thinking about my mom's generation and how they acknowledged and announced their pregnancies.

I don't think "reveal" parties were a thing.

It was more like, "Jesus Christ, I think I'm pregnant."

"What?  How did that happen?"

"You know.  The standard way."

"What are we going to do with another baby?"

"I dont' know.  We can't afford or cope with the ones we already have."

A little different don't you think?

And, there was no discussion about stopping drinking or smoking.  Holy Cow.  How is it that we all ended up pretty normal?

Our mothers could not stage "reveal" parties because they were too busy whipping up martinis and driving to 7-11 to buy cigarettes.

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